Arc Ridge Ltd. - Environmentally Responsible Forest Services

Environmentally responsible forest services.

Through the use of innovative techniques and environmentally responsible products, we believe that the environment and the forest/natural resource industries can co-exist in harmony.

The Kaiser walking excavator is one of the innovative tools used by Arc Ridge. Running fully bio-degradable fluid, the Kaiser walking excavator is capable of working on slopes up to 100% and can work in water up to 1.7m deep. Walking excavators are very adept and capable machines, designed for both enhanced task efficiency and minimized environmental impacts. With a full range of implements and attachments, the Kaiser walking excavator can complete almost any task previously far outside the realm of conventional excavators.

Another innovative tool is the forest mulcher/masticator, with its use vegetatation management and fuel reduction can be achieved without the need for piling and burning and the associated smoke and ground scarring problems. Standing trees, shrubs, downed trees and limbs can be treated with the excavator mounted mulcher/masticator, the vegetation is converted into a fire-resistant litter on the forest floor lacking vertical separation and oxygen movement causing it to burn very reluctantly.